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Status Arizona ECO Development Annexations

20 August 2018   Tyler Goodman

General Overview of Arizona Eco Development’s North and South Project Annexations

Applications received August 3, 2018 – Planning Department received completed applications from Arizona Eco Development for AED North, located on the north end of Prescott near the Prescott Municipal Airport, and AED South, located east of Hwy 89 and south of Hwy 89A.

Both AED North and AED South submitted the following:

Annexation Application – Once accepted, this will extend the limits of the City of Prescott to include these properties. (Annexation is the process in which property leaves the unincorporated County and becomes part of the City.)

Master Plan Hearing Application – A master plan is required as a condition of the City of Prescott Charter for annexations 250 acres and larger. (A Master Plan is a future layout and long-range plan of a development that shows both existing and proposed streets, open spaces, homesites, and other features. Complete Master Plans typically have a map depicting the layout as well as an accompanying narrative that further describes land uses and development characteristics.)

Rezoning Application – The properties through the annexation application will be brought into the City with zoning that is equivalent to the current County zoning of the properties. From there, the developer has requested a change to the zoning that will match the development. (Zoning is the term used for designating permitted uses of certain parcels of land. Rezoning is the process of converting a property’s current zoning district to another zoning district.)

AED North – Basic Project Information

  • Located east of the Airport, north of Granite Dells Parkway and 89A interchange.
  • 1656.38 - Total Acres.
  • 415 acres of total open space.
  • 513 acres of Airport Impact area. Per applicant, this area will also be designated open space.
  • Approximately 1,547 Manufactured Housing (Pre-Fabricated, Site Assembled) Units proposed.
  • 42 acres of Industrial General zoning district proposed.
  • 38 acres of Industrial Transition zoning district proposed.
  • 20 acres of Mixed Use zoning district proposed.

Information on permitted uses within the various zoning districts can be found in Article 2 Section 2.3 of the City’s Land Development Code:

AED South – Basic Project Information

  • Located east of Hwy 89 and south of Hwy 89A.
  • 866 - Total Acres.
  • 266 acres of total open space.
  • Approximately 1,185 residential housing units proposed.
  • Approximately 200 resort units, comprised of duplexes, 6 plexes, and a hotel resort.

Staff review of the applications underway – Anticipating staff review completion in October.

Next Steps

Planning & Zoning Commission Review – This is anticipated to occur in October. Depending on staff review findings, this could push the P&Z Commission meeting out further. Once this goes to P&Z, there is opportunity for several public meetings, depending on the review needs of the Commissioners. (Planning & Zoning Commission’s responsibility in this process is to make recommendations to the City Council regarding:

1) the appropriate City zoning equivalent to the County’s zoning and

2) the appropriateness of the proposed rezoning.)

Sixty Day Public Comment Period – This period begins once P&Z has made a recommendation determination for consideration by Council. This is a requirement of the City of Prescott Charter (Article I, Section 4b). There will be no official action taken by City Council during the sixty (60) day public comment period.

Council Review and Determination – Timing of the Council’s review is completely dependent on staff and P&Z reviews. Anticipating that this will potentially go before Council in January or February of 2019.

All documents received by the City of Prescott available on the City’s website – ( on the Planning Projects page, which will continue to be updated as additional information is received by the City.

Physical copies of the applications available for public review - At the Clerk’s Office, as well as Community Development, at City of Prescott City Hall.

Questions can be directed to City of Prescott Development Services Facilitator Chelsea Walton - via phone at 928-777-1280 or by email at