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City of Prescott: Impactful Initiatives

22 June 2018   Billie Orr, Mayor Pro Tem

Making a difference in Prescott.

The City of Prescott has worked hard this year to lead impactful initiatives that have a positive effect on our citizens, visitors and those in need. I would like to take the opportunity to update the public about two programs that are making a significant difference in Prescott.

“Change for the Better” is the City’s initiative to alleviate the effects of homelessness and panhandling in Prescott. This multi-faceted approach has been implemented at several points, including collection “meters” around the courthouse plaza, collection boxes at businesses and churches around the city, and signs around town asking folks to not encourage panhandling. We ask instead that people contribute to the solution by donating to local charities or the “Change for the Better” initiative by way of the meters or collection boxes. To date, over $500 has been collected from the meters. These funds will be distributed to qualified non-profits to aid the homeless. People have told us that they appreciate this alternative, because they know that it will go to help those in need. We have been encouraged by the anecdotal remarks about fewer panhandlers in the downtown area. In addition, the City is participating in a work program in cooperation with the Coalition for Compassion and Justice which starts in July. 

The City has also initiated a Dexter Neighborhood Cleanup that will serve several hundred homes, scheduled for July 14, 2018. Residents of this portion of the Dexter Neighborhood will receive a postcard in the mail with details about the cleanup. We will provide free hand tool rentals and large dumpsters at the Prescott High School parking lot.  Habitat for Humanity is providing volunteers to assist with cleaning alleys and city right of ways. In addition, residents of the area will soon receive a postcard for a free dump at the City Transfer Station. This is the first of what we hope will be many neighborhood cleanup events. Our goal is to facilitate neighbors helping neighbors beautify their neighborhood.  Another community cleanup in the remaining portions of the Dexter Neighborhood is scheduled for October, and more areas of the city will follow. If you or an organization would like to volunteer at the cleanup, please call Tyler Goodman at 928-777-1380.

These are two examples of how the City of Prescott is working to make a better community for our citizens, visitors and those in need.  I also want to recognize and thank Tyler Goodman, Assistant to the City Manager, for his leadership in facilitating the creation and implementation of these initiatives. We are committed to this path and continue to invite public comments, suggestions and ideas.