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Mayor Names Community Development Task Force

27 February 2018   John Heiney

Local builders, developers and business leaders asked for input.

PRESCOTT, AZ (Feb 27, 2018) –Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli has selected local builders, developers and business leaders to advise the City on how to improve customer service in regards to code compliance, inspections and community development matters.    The Mayor decided to assemble this group as a way to seek feedback on the current process, and make suggestions on how to improve future performance.

“We are continuously striving to improve customer service, turnaround time and responsiveness in all areas of City government,” said Mayor Greg Mengarelli.  “Community development is an area of particular interest for commercial developers but also individual citizens,” he continued.   "Whether a person is building a house, renovating a building or doing improvements to their home, our goal is to issue permits in a more expeditious manner."

“We hope to have a frank and open dialogue with stakeholders about how to make City Hall a partner in the development of our community, while still protecting the rights of our current citizens, adhering to safety codes, and maintaining the character of the City.”

The task force members have already been selected, and the Mayor has convened the group once, with another meeting planned.  The Mayor’s goal is to review and implement improvements by June 1, 2018.