Today: Aug 23 , 2019


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Exactly how much money does the City of Prescott have in reserves? That’s the question being asked by Representative Noel Campbell as he considers his vote on Prop 443. 

PROP 443 Earthquake: Prescott has 123.5 Million in the Bank. 

It’s time to mark your ballots. Voting starts this week!

Mayor Oberg offers a progress update on major issues in the City of Prescott.

October Event Will Be Open To The Public

"All possible options for dealing with our PSPRS unfunded liability should be reviewed…"

Last Wednesday Councilwoman Wilcox turned in her petition signatures. 

Dana DeLong has been the city clerk in Prescott for over 3 years

Councilman Jim Lamerson wants less regulation, not more.

Greg Mengarelli Files Nominating Petitions for the Office of Mayor of the City of Prescott 

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