Creation Corner

Creation Corner: Church on the Street Revival Ministries

In the first half of the show, David McNabb discusses what Creation Science is and gives a few resources. In the second half, David welcomes Pastor James Taylor to the Corner to talk about the Church on the Street Revival Ministries, a church made for the homeless and the hopeless, how God showed him where

Prescott Talks

Prescott Talks – Eric Granillo

Glenn Martin brings Chino Valley to Prescott to talk to Eric Granillo. Eric, a local businessman, is running for Chino Valley Town Council.

Prescott Talks

Prescott Talks – Jim O’Connor

Jim O’Connor stops by to talk to Glenn Martin about the Arizona Corporation Commission and why we need to vote a straight Republican ticket this year.

Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers #4 – The Communications Team

The communications team uses ham radios to communicate. The team teaches anyone who wants to learn how to use and program their radios, and helping them to get their Ham Radio License. This is an essential part of Oath Keepers.

Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers – The Security Team Video #2

The purpose of the Security Team in Oath Keepers is to work with law enforcement, “parapolice”, and to help keep yourself, your family, and your neighborhood secure. Jim explains all this in this video.

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