Prescott Valley an Option to become Home of the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes

While not a certainty by any means, there’s a chance that the scene of sports in Prescott might be joined by a major league team. Of course, the state of Arizona has a team in each of the four major leagues, but they’re concentrated in Phoenix and Glendale. Now, due to complications with their present

What Does the Offseason Hold in Store for the Arizona Cardinals?

Their season has only just ended, but Arizona Cardinals fans are already looking ahead. What lessons have been learned from the past and how can the team best prepare for the challenges ahead?   A Review of the 2021 Season The Cardinals ended the regular season with an 11-6 record that put them in second


3 Things People Don’t Know About Home Warranties

Home warranty companies promise to help you save thousands of dollars when your household systems and appliances break down. They run ads promising to protect you from costly repairs and replacements of your furnace, electricity, plumbing, and other appliances and systems. The assurance of peace of mind is what makes home warranties useful. However, not

Cardinals continue to buck trend in style

The Arizona Cardinals bandwagon keeps on rolling. It may be missing a few important pieces, the kind that would force others to seek a serious repair job, but there is no indication that a pit stop will be required any time soon. Kliff Kingsbury’s side continues to defy sporting logic as injuries pile up at


Flower Delivery Etiquette: 3 Things to Remember

Flowers are not just beautiful, delicate plants that help us see the wonders of life. They are also our trustworthy companions. Their complexity and allure charmed our simple cavemen’s minds, and continue to fascinate us even today.    Plus, as the world evolved, we learned to use flowers in various ways, even building a special

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome – How Businesses Survive Social and Economic Challenges

The world of business is constantly evolving, and it is always impacted by outside factors in society and the economy. Looking at the entertainment industry as a case study, there have been numerous cases of once world-conquering companies falling behind the wayside because they’ve failed to overcome challenges. MoviePass, Blockbuster, and Palm are all examples