How AI is Impacting Insurance Pricing Strategies

Pricing is an unending battle in the insurance world. With the rise of more comparative raters within the  P&C or property and casualty market, prospects can compare prices instantly, and, unsurprisingly, most tend to pick the lowest options. However, ballpark pricing can prove costly for insurers; it can improve competitors’ customer base, attract risky consumers,

The top travel destinations to add to your bucket list

Almost everyone loves to travel, and more people than ever before are making it a priority. Travel has become more accessible and easier to do over the years, especially as flights to many more destinations as well as cruises have become more popular. In the build up to the peak summer months, individuals, couples, families

What techniques can you use to put your trucking business in the spotlight?

Running a trucking business is not all fun and games; sometimes, it can even feel like the complete opposite, and you might even be wondering what you can do to make money in other industries. This is a shame, and although turning your back on your business might actually sound quite appealing at times, you

BTC: Here’s all you need to understand about BTC.

Introduction   Satoshi Nakamoto, a mysterious figure, first created BTC in 2009. It is a form of digital cash that uses a peer-to-peer internet network that allows online payments to be sent directly from one party to another and eliminates all central authorities like banks. If you want to learn more about Bitcoin trading, you can

Arizona Sports Betting Hits New Heights

The latest reported figures showed that Arizona has hit new highs with regard to the overall mobile sports betting market. In March, a total of $691 million was wagered in the state, and that represents a big record and what is interesting to see is the sheer dominance of the mobile numbers. Over 99.5% of

Cryptocurrency – A Controversial Advancement

Cryptocurrency has been viewed as a progressive innovation in the economy. It has achieved several successful financial goals by gaining mainstream traction worldwide. With various innovations and accessible infrastructure apps, it has provided the users with benefits like quick transactions, potential returns, access to digital exchanges and trading platforms via this Official Website. However, success

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