Arizona State University

Rittenhouse rejected, respected by feuding factions on ASU campus

He is not currently enrolled in any classes or present on campus, but Kyle Rittenhouse is already casting a long shadow across Arizona State University. Rittenhouse, acquitted of all charges this month in the killing of two people and the wounding of a third during 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, said during


Local Control and Parental Involvement Make For Good Schools

At some level, Attorney General Merrick Garland can be excused for being ignorant about two of the most important influences in determining successful schools. However, teachers in all schools should feel embarrassed for the National School Boards Association members or any local school board member who does not know that local control and parental involvement


Yavapai College to Reduce Tuition Cost for Concurrent Online High School Students by 50%

Yavapai College will be reducing the tuition for online concurrent high school students by 50% for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year. The Yavapai College District Governing Board (DGB) unanimously approved the proposed discount at its monthly board meeting on Tuesday. Concurrent enrollment consists of high school students who take college classes at Yavapai College, and


Elections testing GOP push to politicize school board races

School board races, once sleepy and localized, have become the new front in a culture war raging across the nation as resentments over COVID-19 restrictions and anti-racism classes reach a boiling point. On Tuesday, voters weighed in on dozens of races that have been dominated by debates over masks, vaccines, race and history. Several high-profile


Schools debate: Gifted and talented, or racist and elitist?

Communities across the United States are reconsidering their approach to gifted and talented programs in schools as vocal parents blame such elite programs for worsening racial segregation and inequities in the country’s education system. A plan announced by New York City’s mayor to phase out elementary school gifted and talented programs in the country’s largest

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