Rich Lowry

Rich Lowry

Opinion: The superpower that can’t arm itself – Rich Lowry

No matter how much we’d like to believe in the inevitably of human progress and the spread of enlightened norms, we’ve learned the past couple of years that we still need artillery shells — lots of artillery shells. The Hamas terror attack, together with the ongoing Ukraine war and the looming Chinese threat to Taiwan,

Rich Lowry

Opinion: Trump’s courtroom campaign – Rich Lowry

Donald Trump is getting indicted and tried all the way into a third Republican presidential nomination, and perhaps a second term in office. Trump’s court dates and legal entanglements aren’t a distraction from his campaign, as some observers predicted; in large part, they are the campaign. We’re all familiar with the so-called front-porch campaigns of

Rich Lowry

Opinion: Why Biden lies – Rich Lowry

It’s almost always the case when the president of the United States says, “I give you my word as a Biden,” that whatever he’s about to say is untrue. Joe Biden’s incredible stories have finally generated more mainstream attention, particularly after he erroneously claimed to have gone to Ground Zero the day after Sept. 11

Rich Lowry

Opinion: Yes, Joe Biden is corrupt – Rich Lowry

The memo went out from the White House that there’s no evidence President Joe Biden did anything wrong regarding his son’s business dealings and, sure enough, the media is repeating the line. To the contrary, we already know that Biden was complicit in an inherently corrupt enterprise that centered on selling access to him when


Opinion: Yes, President Harris is a legitimate issue – Rich Lowry

Kamala Harris is one of the most prominent people in the United States, with the potential that at any moment she could inherit some of the most fearsome powers on Earth, but no one is supposed to notice. Republicans are deemed unhealthily fixated on Harris for saying that a vote for the increasingly rickety President

Rich Lowry

Opinion: The Biden debacle waiting to happen – Rich Lowry

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the MSNBC program “Morning Joe,” is very cross with the White House staff. It isn’t, she believes, doing a good enough job protecting Joe Biden from the effects of being 80 years old and increasingly frail. She insists that it needs “to clear a pathway” whenever he is walking somewhere, and

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