Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

2 Things Rookie Gardeners Do to Houseplants – Ken Lain

There are no silly questions when it comes to gardening. We are on this journey together; some have more experience than the Rookies just starting out. That’s why two decades of garden articles, radio programs, and podcasts exist. Gardening is learned by making mistakes. I want to ensure you make mistakes in the right direction,

David Harsanyi

Opinion: Elon Musk Is Right. Divided Government Is Best – David Harsanyi

There are no saviors or miracles in democracy, only a grueling, soul-sucking, forever war of attrition. That is the enduring lesson of the 2022 midterms, as it is every election. And, though the results will be overinterpreted by pundits, and partisans will have all their priors confirmed, in the end, it is simply proof that

Ben Shapiro

Opinion: The Red Fizzle – Ben Shapiro

There was no red wave. There was no red tide. There was no red trickle. There was a fizzle. The 2022 midterm election fundamentals would have suggested a ringing Republican victory: an unpopular president of the opposing party, deep public unhappiness with the state of the economy, unified Democratic control in Congress and radical social

Stephen Moore

Opinion: Joe Biden Is the King of Debt and Deficits – Stephen Moore

Imagine someone close to you has a drinking problem. Night after night, he goes out to the bars on wild binges, chugging down 10 to 12 beers a night. But then, in a supreme effort to reform himself, the drunkard cuts his consumption down to a six-pack every night. He starts boasting of his amazing

Patrick J. Buchanan

Opinion: Democrats, Not ‘Democracy,’ at Risk Today – Patrick Buchanan

“Make no mistake — democracy is on the ballot for us all.” So declaiming in his Union Station speech to the nation on the real stakes in the 2022 elections, President Joe Biden, who was immediately echoed by Barack Obama, painted himself and his party into a corner. For if Trump Republicans carry the day

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