Ben Shapiro

Opinion: The Left’s Cynical ‘Speech Is Violence’ Ploy – Ben Shapiro

This week, another evil mass shooter unleashed horror at a gay club in Colorado Springs, killing 5 and wounding another 25. The shooter — whose name I refuse to mention in order to dis-incentivize future shooters, who seek notoriety — was clearly mentally ill: Just last year, the shooter reportedly threatened his mother with a

Patrick J. Buchanan

Opinion: Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine – Patrick Buchanan

Winter has often proven an indispensable ally of Mother Russia. The impending winter of 1812-13 forced Napoleon’s withdrawal from Moscow, a retreat from which his Grande Armee never recovered. The winter of 1941-42 sealed the ultimate fate of the invading armies of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Vladimir Putin’s new strategy in the war he launched

Social Security and You

Happy Birthday, SSI! – Social Security

I was playing one of my morning online word puzzles when up popped a little blurb from a senior citizen advocacy group announcing that the Supplemental Security Income program has recently turned 50 years old. I’m sure most people who see a reference to SSI would say something like “Supplemental Security what?” And that’s because

Buz Blog

Opinion: Deniers – Buz Williams

Image courtesy of DepositPhotos If you disagree with the climate computer models that predict the end of the world in five, ten or twenty years, they will dub you a “climate denier”. It doesn’t matter that you have researched and determined that all of the other foretellings of catastrophic, world ending predictions in the last

David Harsanyi

Opinion: Contra Conventional Wisdom, There Is Little Evidence Abortion Hurt Republicans – David Harsanyi

By any measure, Democrats exceeded expectations this midterm. Though listening to the triumphalism today, you’d think Joe Biden was Hannibal at Cannae. A fractured Republican Party has won the House, which means the agenda portion of Biden’s first term is effectively over (save the executive abuse). As expected, though, the lazy Dobbs-sunk-the-GOP narrative quickly solidified

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Narrow Side Yards Made Beautifully – Ken Lain

Many mountain homes have a side yard that is not only long and narrow but treacherously steep. Good landscape design for such a layout is complicated at best. A good design ties the entire landscape together in a masterful manner when done well. Our most challenging project was to ease the steep access to the

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