Ken Lain – The Mountain Gardener

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Insider Secrets Your Landscaper Won’t Share – Ken Lain

Whether it’s having hardscape features installed, performing chores, or selecting plants for the yard, it’s helpful to understand the insider secrets landscapers won’t share. Thinking like a professional saves lots of money, time, and frustration. Best of all, unlocking these pro tips help transform your plantings from a mere collection of plants into a sophisticated

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Fertilize Everything in the Yard Before Halloween – Ken Lain

Walk down any aisle of your local garden center, and you can’t help but notice the dizzying array of plant foods. You’ll see bags, bottles, powders, granules, sprays, and concentrates. Furthermore, you’ll discover more organic and “earth-friendly” plant foods. Which one is best for a healthy landscape? You must first make sense of a few

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Cocktails in the Garden – Ken Lain

Raise the bar with garden-fresh ingredients that transform cocktails into signature drinks Cheers! Drinks made with just-picked herbs, fruit, and vegetables as flavorings are the toast of the party season, whether made with alcohol or not. As cocktail gardeners have grown more adventurous, the happy-hour repertoire has expanded beyond the classic sprig of spearmint for

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

The Trick to Healthier Houseplants – Ken Lain

Repotting is an essential part of healthy houseplants. Signs you need to repot your plant are: Roots protrude from the bottom of the pot. The plant stops growing or becomes limp. The plant is root-bound or pot-bound. Most houseplants like to be tight in their container. These plants are found in tropical jungles and used

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Two Steps for Blockbuster Fruit Harvest in Spring – Ken Lain

A unique opportunity awaits fruit trees in spring. Berries, grapes, figs, and the rest of the summer fruits rejoiced with monsoon rains with a record harvest. An April frost did not allow this blockbuster harvest from local fruit trees. Let me explain. Fruit trees like apple, pear, peaches, plum, apricot, and cherries produce heavy fruit

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Top 10 Yellow-Flowering Plants for Your Garden – Ken Lain

Yellow flowers bring sunshine to a landscape, even on a cloudy monsoon day. There is room in virtually any garden for the many shades of yellow from spring bulbs, showy shrubs, and perennial wildflowers. Here we put together the ‘Top 10’ showiest plants that elevate any landscape to gorgeous shade to gold. Agastache brightens the

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