Ken Lain – The Mountain Gardener

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

The Trick to Healthier Houseplants – Ken Lain

Repotting is an essential part of healthy houseplants. Signs you need to repot your plant are: Roots protrude from the bottom of the pot. The plant stops growing or becomes limp. The plant is root-bound or pot-bound. Most houseplants like to be tight in their container. These plants are found in tropical jungles and used

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Two Steps for Blockbuster Fruit Harvest in Spring – Ken Lain

A unique opportunity awaits fruit trees in spring. Berries, grapes, figs, and the rest of the summer fruits rejoiced with monsoon rains with a record harvest. An April frost did not allow this blockbuster harvest from local fruit trees. Let me explain. Fruit trees like apple, pear, peaches, plum, apricot, and cherries produce heavy fruit

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Top 10 Yellow-Flowering Plants for Your Garden – Ken Lain

Yellow flowers bring sunshine to a landscape, even on a cloudy monsoon day. There is room in virtually any garden for the many shades of yellow from spring bulbs, showy shrubs, and perennial wildflowers. Here we put together the ‘Top 10’ showiest plants that elevate any landscape to gorgeous shade to gold. Agastache brightens the

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Best Vegetables to Grow in a Fall Garden – Ken Lain

There are lots of vegetables that grow well through the cool autumn weather. Some plants need longer days and a bit warmer soil to really get started, but all produce through the end of the year. You can start seed in August by growing your starts in a cool shady spot in the garden. We

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Plants With Fun Fragrant Foliage – Ken Lain

Surprises abound in the gardens when it comes to uplifting scents. Brushing up against a Scented Geranium as it fills the patio with the taste of citrus. These plants not only smell great but also repel mosquitos and flies; most are javelina and animal resistant. That’s asking a lot from this list of aromatic plants

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Top 10 Mints to Grow in Local Gardens – Ken Lain

Mint plants, Mentha, are among the most commonly grown plants in Arizona gardens. It is easy to see why mints are so famous. They are tough, cold-hardy perennials. Mints serve as flavorful herbs in the kitchen and as ground covers in the garden. The pungent smell prevents deer and rabbits from eating their foliage with

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