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Opinion: Yes, It Can Happen Here – Buz Williams

When we hear about Critical Race Theory, White privilege, gender identity indoctrination and other mindless classes being taught in schools across our country, many of us think that couldn’t happen in this conservative, close knit, little area in and around Prescott. Guess again. I heard a local father, who decided to run for one of

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Opinion: Don’t Play Their Game – Buz Williams

Men have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes. That’s the hard science. An XY chromosome man, who states that he identifies as a woman is referred to as “she” in the media, even most conservative media. No matter what hormones a person is given, no matter what functional or

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Opinion: Misplaced Loyalties – Buz Williams

Remember when the Democrat Party was considered the party of the “working man”? The middle class was growing and it seemed to the majority of Americans that Democrats cared more about them than Republicans. Republicans were viewed to be the party of the rich, the industrialists, and the bosses. Like everything else, politics has evolved.


Elks Police and Fire Awards

Each year the Prescott Elks Lodge #330 recognizes local firefighters and law enforcement officers who have distinguished themselves within their departments. This years recipients are listed below.  These are the people that protect our lives and property. From the Prescott Fire Department, this year’s award goes to Fire Engineer Brennan Johnstone. Fire Engineer Johnstone is a

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Opinion: Stopping Crime – Buz Williams

Crime is running rampant in our city streets. Murder, carjacking, robbery, gang smash and grabs, rapes, and random acts of violence are at the highest levels in decades. Even before the leftists allowed the Antifa/BLM riots in Democrat run cities in 2020, crime was on the rise. No bail required bail reform and non-prosecuting prosecutors

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Opinion: Woke, Weakness and War – Buz Williams

While discussing the volatile situation in Eastern Europe, my wife, Judi, predicted that it was inevitable that Russia would invade Ukraine. She said that Putin annexed Crimea when Obama was president and the only response was some anemic sanctions that the Russians learned to live with. Putin didn’t try it when Trump was president because

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