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Opinion: Why Law Enforcement Loves President Trump

Many good people that I know, hate President Trump. Let me give a different perspective. I was a police officer for 29 years in Long Beach. My dad, both grandfathers, an uncle, a great uncle and a cousin were all police officers in Southern California, most on LAPD. For 8 years I had to listen

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

What Houseplants are Saying when Leaves Curl

Reporters from three different states called last week asking how Watters Garden Center has done so much for the community through COVID? The discussion comes up often at family dinners, and a theme emerges. As a garden retailer, we share much with everyone, even those that may not be aware. A garden center is more

The Zany Sage

Go Big or Go Home

So, you’ve got your “Why.” You’ve decided this is your year-you are going to get uncluttered in 2021!  You’ve blocked off your time, rented a steam shovel and a backhoe, and you mean business. The kids sense change is in the air and are getting twitchy. You even caught your partner finding a new hidey

Hypnotically Speaking

Hypnotically Speaking

Welcome to Hypnotically Speaking. In this column, I will share information about hypnosis and the powerful ways you can influence your life. Can you imagine changing negative emotional states into positive ones? What about the feeling of making – or breaking – habits faster than you thought possible? Just the process of imagination can get

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Opinion: Corruption Never Changes

Politicians from both parties have resisted term limits that the majority of their constituents favor. Why would the people we elect to represent us, not want to push for an issue that is so popular with the public? It could be that it would take a Constitutional Amendment to put term limits into place for

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Garden Soils Best Prepared in January

Gardeners know the better the soil, the larger the harvest, the brighter the flowers, the easier the gardening. Once you’ve tried digging the first planting hole in a mountain garden, you figure it out. Our native soils are HARD! Successful gardens always come down to soil quality. Skimp on spring preparation to “soften” the ground,

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