Today: Jun 04 , 2020
Katie Cornelius

Katie Cornelius

Katie labels herself a Solutions Engineer; she is the creative powerhouse dedicated to supporting and growing small businesses in the Prescott area.  She spent the past twelve years working in sales training and business coaching, specializing in mom & pop shops.  Currently Katie is on a journey to get healthy after a severe concussion and some personal challenges.  Her corresponding blog, Fitness Quest, relates the quirky issues faced when following a  fitness program.  Finally, you can visit and coment on the Quest on Facebook.

Fitness Quest: Yoga in the Studio

It's really, really hard to top yoga on top of Thumb Butte.  

Fitness Quest: Counting By Eight

Eight is a special number for me. 

Fitness Quest: The Best Laid Plans

Things don't always go as planned.

Fitness Quest: Working Through the Pain

A simple motion led to a painful injury.

David Lozeau & the Day of the Dead

David Lozeau (pronounced Low-zo) is a mid-career painter who creates unique Day of the Dead inspired characters with quirky details and bold lines.

Fitness Quest: Fighting Demons

Sometimes you just gotta grind it out. 

Fitness Quest: It's Mental, Too

Fitness, as defined, is the state of being healthy both mentally and physically. I'm finding the mental part can hinder the physical part a lot as of late.

Fitness Quest: CrossFit and Fueled

Next up! CrossFit. Am I ready for this?

Whimsy and Beauty at Ian Russell Gallery

A walk along Prescott's historic Whiskey Row is on many tourist's to-do list; yet even locals might be surprised to find that nestled among the famous bars and pubs are an equal number of galleries.

Fitness Quest: Hikes from the Hike Shack

This week I am beyond thrilled to hike as my form of exercise. My Fitness Quest began with three times a week hikes before I began working with local businesses; I truly believe that finding what type of exercise suits you best is the most important part of fitness.

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