Today: Feb 27 , 2020

Valentine’s Day: Not for cynical, single women.

Sometimes Pinterest can be a bit startling.

Lipstick and Legos – Super Bowl Sunday

Am I supposed to care about Super Bowl Sunday? 

Lipstick and Legos - Lula Obsession

My name is Holli, and I am a Facebook addict.

Lipstick and Legos: My Break

What to do on vacation? Paint, of course. Doesn't everybody?

Lipstick and Legos – Holiday Cheer (Mostly)

Lipstick and Legos – The Holidays

Sometimes it takes clarity and a change of focus.

Lipstick & Legos: Shopping and Carpet Stains

Lipstick and Legos – The Best Lessons I’ve Learned this Week

I needed to handle my life like a boss. Unfortunately, well… Life happens.

Lipstick and Legos: Fido? 'Fi-oh-heck-no.'

Lipstick and Legos – Fido? How about, “Fi-oh-heck-no.”

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