Today: Feb 19 , 2020

Governor Doug Ducey wants to increase teacher salaries 20% by 2020, without raising taxes and while maintaining Arizona's balanced budget.

Supporting Innovation And Public Safety

Governor Ducey Outlines Key Policy Priorities

Teacher Pay Raises, Investments In K-12 Education, Programs To Lift Up Our Most Vulnerable

Governor Ducey Commemorates Pearl Harbor Day

Governor Ducey Attends Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Ceremony In Hawaii

McCain Rally Scheduled for Monday, Nov. 7

It’s a long-standing McCain tradition: A final rally, held the night before the general election, at the Yavapai County Courthouse steps.

Governor Doug Ducey Thanks Our Firefighters

Calls On All Arizonans To Continue Doing Their Part

Proposition 123 Narrowly Passes, What Next?

Right now the tally is 520,425 ‘Yes’ votes to 503,659 ‘No’ votes, which looks like a victory for Proposition 123.

Governor Ducey and Chief Justice Bales Agree that this Legislation is Not Equivalent to “Court-Packing”

Governor Doug Ducey will deliver keynote remarks at two Arizona high school commencement ceremonies this spring.

A self-driving vehicle may be coming soon to a road near you.

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