Today: Feb 28 , 2020

AZ Gas Drops 1.1¢ This Week

Gas prices are slightly lower, but expect an uptick.

AZ Gas Prices Fall Slightly

Arizona gas prices fell 0.3¢ in the last week.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 1.5¢ in Past Week

The gas prices have dropped in the past week, and may very well drop more.

AZ Gas Prices Fall, But Could Be On the Rise

Gas prices drop 1.9¢ per gallon compared to last week.

AZ Gas Prices Continue to Drop

Nationally, prices are at a fresh low since March, but it’s still more than 22¢ higher than a year ago.

AZ Gas Prices Unchanged in the Past Week

Prices are more than 8¢ higher than they were a year ago.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 2.2¢

Arizona gas prices drop this week.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 5.4¢

A welcome change at the pump.

While the average price of gasoline across the nation has fallen by 1.6¢ per gallon, Arizona has gone up by 1.2¢.

Gas Prices Drop 3.5¢ in Last Week

A slight relief at the pump.

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