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Meet Dylan - He'd Make a Great Little Brother!

09 November 2007  
Dylan is a bright and introspective 13 year-old who has been waiting for a “Big” for about 2 years!

Dylan is a bright and introspective 13 year-old who has been waiting for a “Big” for about 2 years! His reserved nature gives the illusion of shyness, but he’s not. Dylan is looking for a Big Brother he can open up to and chill with. He says he’ll try anything at least once.

Dylan is crazy about Harry Potter and has read all of the books. He’s also into trading Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Yu-Gi-Oh is a card game of strategy and problem solving. He’s collected hundreds of cards over the years.

This seventh grader is modest about achieving straight A’s. He says his favorite subject is math because “it’s what I’m good at”.

This young man isn’t all academically-minded though. Dylan plays football during recess and enjoys racing video games after school. He swims during the summer and would like to learn La Crosse.

Dylan isn’t sure what he wants to be when he grows up. He’s interested in video game design or maybe working with animals. He loves his black Labrador “Moose”. Dylan is on a good path, but the next few years will bring many challenges. He is an explorer, in need of a guide. You don’y have to change your life to change his. Big Brothers Big sisters has programs for couples, families, and individuals; the commitment lasts for at least 1 year, but can be as little as 4 hours a month. Can’t you include a child in an activity you both enjoy? Hundreds of kids are waiting, in over 50 schools across the County. Call YBBBS today to find out how easy it can be to watch a little go a long way.

For more information or to volunteer, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 928-778-5135.


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