Today: Jul 14 , 2020

There’s a new baby in town. It’s an adorable zonkey named Amira.

A few new friends came to Watters Garden Center on Saturday. 

Attend the free gardening classes at Watters every Saturday morning at 9:30. 

Residents new to the mountains want to get back-to-nature, find solitude, and escape the rat race.  Locally we call this the urban-wild land interface. However, with a woodland lifestyle come risks.  For instance, this week the primary hazard is the danger of wildfire. 

June is the month to plant heat-loving perennials like mimosa, Spanish broom, and sages. ~ Rich Olson with RDOlson Designs offers free advice on Wednesdays at Watters Garden Center.

Watters Garden Center Named in Today’s Garden Center’s as a Revolutionary 100 Garden Center.

Don’t be afraid to clear out and replace old tired plants with fresh new ones. Property values on the rise.  Trees reduce crime rates.  

Creating a flowerbed of an exciting variety of flowers to deliver blooms all season long. Sweet Sixteen Gerber Daisy, the plant of the week.  

Don't forget Mother's Day! Climbing vines bring beauty and color. 

First Tomatoes of the Season Planted this Week!

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