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ZebraScapes Introduces A New Family Member

05 November 2018  

There’s a new baby in town. It’s an adorable zonkey named Amira.

When Rodney and Denise Steidinger decided to move to Arizona in 2006, they had no idea they would eventually start a company called ZebraScapes - and have a few real, live zebras of their own.

Upon first moving to Arizona, Rodney worked for a landscaping company. But when the economy declined, the landscaping company ceased operations. Rodney and Denise, after praying for wisdom, decided to take the leap and open their own business. It was called TKHaley, after their three daughters, Trinity, Kiley and Haley.

After adopting another daughter about 4 years later, the name didn’t represent their family as well. So, they decided to change their name to ZebraScapes - partly for marketing purposes. After all, ZebraScapes kind of stands out from other companies, especially when you have zebras roaming in your front pastures. Talk about creative marketing!

Fast forward to 2018, and the Steidingers now have a addition to their family - a baby zonkey. She’s soft and fuzzy and utterly adorable. Her ears and legs are striped, and she’s inquisitive an loves to run and kick. Like most young’uns, she’s not so good at standing still for the camera, so if some of the pics below are a little blurry, you’ll understand.

Amira was about 2 weeks old in these photos.

Amira’s dad is a not-so-domesticated zebra, and her mom is a miniature donkey named Jesse. Amira was born October 12. Denise explains all:

You can check out more photos at the ZebraScapes Facebook page. In the meantime, if you’re driving down Williamson Valley Road about 6-7 miles, you just might want to look out for the zebras grazing in the fields!

Jesse’s not so sure about letting Amira play with those two in the corner. Amira, however, thinks they’re fun to run around with! What’s a mother to do?

Hmm... They do look like they might not be the best influence on a young zonkey. 

Amira's ears are striped, too!

ZebraScapes Website | Facebook

Lynne LaMaster

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