Today: Apr 01 , 2020

Weather: Spring Has Sprung

Enjoy this time of Springtime now.

Most of the week will be warm and lovely.

Settled, Dry & Warming Weather

Look for signs of early spring bulbs this week!

Lovely & Boring Weather This Week

The weather is expected to be boring except for a small possible blip predicted for Wednesday.

It’s that time of the year when the weather isn’t really sure what to do!

Weather: Warm & Sunny

“Totally boring monsoon this year,” Dr. Mark Sinclair  states.

Showers Today, Sunny This Week

Mostly dry after Monday.

Weather to Turn Sunny & Warmer This Week

A bit of possible rain today, then warmer temperatures later this week.

Mostly Sunny with High Clouds

Slightly warmer than normal this week. 

It’s going to be lovely this week.

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