Today: May 29 , 2020

Tonight, the Prescott City Council will hold a special Study Session to discuss the proposed annexation of the Arizona Eco Development properties.

It's the Live Update of the Prescott City Council. Study Session starts at 2 PM, Voting Session at 3. And, don't forget, there's an update from Eco Development about the Granite Dells Estates project right after the Council meeting.

It's the live update of the Prescott City Council meeting. Study session @ 1 PM, voting happens at 3.

Three more meetings before the end of the year. And all of them are today. Starts at 11.

New procedures to be put in place for speaking at Prescott Council meetings.

The Prescott City Council agreed to hold weekly meetings in an effort to come to consensus regarding the issues surrounding Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS).

Are you interested in regulating Sober Living Homes?

A new council will be sworn in today in Prescott