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Gun Safety Refresher on Prescott Gun Club Podcast

03 April 2017  

Beginners and Pros Benefit With a Firearms Safety Course

Whether you're a beginner, or seasoned pro, its always good to go over these core principals of gun safety. Don Grier, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, Attorney and Owner of Prescott, Arizona's only indoor gun range, The Prescott Gun Club, discusses firearm safety, range etiquette and more on this episode of The Prescott Gun Club on

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Firearms Safety Topics covered in this podcast:

  • NRA Safety rules
  • Always treat your firearm as loaded
  • Be prepared to destroy what you point at
  • Sympathetic reflex
  • Know your target and what is behind the target
  • Finger off trigger until ready to shoot
  • Always keep firearm unloaded until ready to use
  • Safety red flags - “Here’s my gun, its unloaded.”
  • Ammo storage
  • Alcohol and guns
  • Loading, unloading
  • Muzzle discipline
  • Cleaning - ammo free area while cleaning
  • Practice - ammo free room to practice dry fire
  • Holster draw safety considerations
  • Range safety rules
  • Etiquette - Range and Retail area etiquette

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