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Prescott Gem and Mineral Show at the Findlay Toyota Center in Prescott Valley

The Prescott Gem and Mineral Show is at the Findlay Toyota Center this Saturday and Sunday. Over 60 vendors from the Southwest will be in attendance selling everything from slabs, cabochons, beads, finished jewelry, home accessories, equipment, and tools.  Additionally, we have a fluorescent booth, geode cutting, face painting, gold panning, demonstrations, a rock identification


Final Vote Tallies for Arizona Primary

[Editor’s Note: With 100% of precincts reporting. As of 11:02pm Thursday night, Karrin Taylor Robson has conceded.} FEDERAL US Senator Blake Masters   277,304    39.41% Jim Lamon     200,597    28.51% US Representative Eli Crane   28,839    34.13% Walt Blackman   20, 632    24.42% STATE Governor Kari Lake    336,769    46.78% Karrin Taylor Robson 

3 Common House-Buying Scams And How To Avoid Them

As the real estate industry continues to expand, the number of investment and business opportunities and scams targeting those vying to join in the market increases.  Keep in mind that it’s your responsibility as a home buyer to protect yourself and your money from fraudulent dealings in the housing market. Because nothing is more distressing

How AI is Impacting Insurance Pricing Strategies

Pricing is an unending battle in the insurance world. With the rise of more comparative raters within the  P&C or property and casualty market, prospects can compare prices instantly, and, unsurprisingly, most tend to pick the lowest options. However, ballpark pricing can prove costly for insurers; it can improve competitors’ customer base, attract risky consumers,

5 Tips for Playing Online Games

Heading online is an excellent way to access all sorts of entertainment. One particular preferred option is playing games. Whether at a regulated online casino, on a social platform or on a dedicated app, it’s the ideal way to destress and have fun.    While learning to play and improving your skills is half the


Creative Ways to Use the Internet

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, almost anything is possible nowadays. Technology has had a massive impact on our collective lives, and much of it results from the mainstream integration of the internet.   If there’s one advancement that we simply cannot live without, it’s the internet. We use it for so many of our

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