Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum with Paul Marsh – Arizona State Mine Inspector

On Monday, March 13th, the Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum will be featuring Paul Marsh, Arizona’s State Mine Inspector.

The Mission of State Mine Inspector is to ensure the health and safety of people working at mines, coordinate the closure of abandoned mines on state and private land posing a threat to public health and safety, and to ensure that lands used for mining are properly reclaimed for public use once mining is completed.

The State Mine Inspector is a statewide elected constitutional officer and the director of the Office of the State Mine Inspector.  The Office of the State Mine Inspector was established by the Constitution of the State of Arizona, Article XIX. This agency enforces statutes, rules, and regulations applicable to mine safety, health, and land reclamation under ARS Title 27 Minerals, Oil and Gas and Arizona Administrative Code Title 11 – Mining.

The agency helps ensure miner safety by inspecting work conditions and practices at active mining operations; investigating mine accidents, employee and public complaints about mine safety; and by conducting federally certified miner and instructor safety training.  To protect the public against the dangers of abandoned mines, the agency investigates and inventories abandoned mine sites, evaluates their threat to public health and safety, coordinates securing or closure of those that are found to be dangerous, and promotes public safety regarding abandoned mines by “Stay Out Stay Alive” promotions,  presentations and publications; complaint investigations and mine owner ARS 27-318 compliance notifications.

Finally, the agency administers reclamation plans and assurances by enforcing the Mined Land Reclamation laws, rules and regulations for the  restoration of disturbed lands to a safe and stable environmental condition.

Paul Marsh is an Arizona Native, a United States Marine Corps Veteran, and a Miner with nearly 30 years’ experience in the mining and construction industry. Paul’s career started as a laborer and heavy equipment operator, but thru hard work, Paul has held several key positions, such as Safety Manager, Director of Safety, and Operations Manager. He is our current Arizona State Mine Inspector, appointed in November 2021.

Paul Marsh has earned numerous awards from the industry including the Arizona Rock Products Safety Professional of the Year, the Arizona Mining Association Copper Pot Award, and the Arizona State Mine Inspector’s Office Safety Professional of the Year and continues to work to improve safety throughout the mining industry in Arizona.

More info at: https://asmi.az.gov/

March 13, 2023

Prescott Vibes Events Center
6200 Hwy 89, Prescott, AZ  86305 (see map below)

11:30 am to 1 pm.


The cost for lunch is $30 per person – cash, check or credit card paid at the door.

Remember – a reservation made is a reservation paid.  If you do not attend after holding a reservation past the cancellation deadline, you will be sent an invoice requesting payment.  The cutoff for accepting luncheon cancellations is 10:00 PM Wednesday, March 8th.

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Map to the Prescott Vibes Center



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