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Part of the problem is there are people in Washington, D.C. in positions of power to whom the border is just a nuisance, and I think some of them believe that illegal immigration is a moral good. It is not. It undermines legal immigration.” – Senator John Kennedy

If we Americans ever seriously correct our impaired and questionable election process, we will start electing politicians who will again start enforcing laws, as is their Constitutional duty. Our currently open borders will be closed and we will have to start looking at ways to deport aliens who have entered our country illicitly. There has been over 5.5 million just since Biden became president, according to the Federation for Immigration Reform. For more than a dozen years, the mainstream media and so-called experts quoted by both political parties have claimed that we have about 11 million illegals living in our country. Since that number increases every year, that number is probably closer to 30 or 40 million.

Leftists, progressives and their advocates will claim that it is impossible to deport that many people. They will claim that it would be too expensive to even try. Maybe, but more than 16 years ago Congress estimated that illegal immigration cost $45 billion every year in health care, education and jailing expenses. How many billions of dollars more is that cost now?

The first thing we are going to have to do is pass a series of laws that make illegal immigration very unattractive and stop any and all incentives to come to the US, except through legal immigration. The XIV Amendment needs to be tested in Federal Courts for its original intent, which was to give full citizenship to former slaves and not to endow that right to the children of illegal immigrants.

Next, we should start by deporting the least desirable. Any immigrant who is not here legally, who is arrested for ANY crime, should be deported. This should include the so-called “Dreamers”, a number whom are members of criminal gangs. It doesn’t matter if the crime is a misdemeanor or felony. Drunk driving has the potential to kill people. Shoplifting raises the price of everything for consumers. If the immigrant is convicted of a crime, he or she should be deported immediately after serving the criminal sentence. If the immigrant is not convicted, he or she should be deported immediately after trial, as they have already violated our laws by entering the country illegally.

Next, any immigrants who are not here legally, who are on welfare, social security or any other form of public assistance, should be deported. The vast majority of those will have in their possession, or will have used, fraudulent identifications, driver’s licenses, birth certificates and other fake documents. Criminal sentences should be enhanced for producing, selling and using these fake papers. Enforcement of these laws need to be targeted and greatly increased.

Any immigrant who has already been deported and returns illegally, should have any and all of his or her property confiscated and sentenced to a minimum of five years in maximum security prison. Those that return more than once should have their sentences increased by five years for each time they return illegally.

After the most undesirable illegals have been deported, the rest can be deported as they come to the attention of authorities. Incentives for illegals who self deport should be created. Courts have already determined that immigration is the purview of the Federal government, so any cities, counties and states that claim to be “sanctuaries” for those in our country illegally, need to be heavily sanctioned, monetarily and/or criminally. All of the above would just be a start and other innovative laws and responses to stop the influx of illegal immigrants should be encouraged.


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  1. BINGO! As a senior – senior citizen, I recall President Eisenhower sending less than 1,000 INS agents into border states to check employee social security numbers. Many thousands of illegals were deported and many more self-deported after hearing about the INS activity. It was called “Operation Wetback” in honor of the Rio Grande River.
    To assist Buz’s recommendations a computer program could be written to quickly research SS numbers issued and uncovering those stolen and those issued fraudulently since the Biden-Obama administration stole the office of President. Only merit qualified legal immigration should be available.

  2. Great in theory. Impossible to carry out.
    To do so would require that a secure border wall or barriers be erected from eastern TX to western CA to the south, as well as from western WA to eastern ME along the north (they’re already invading though Canada down into the US)….. then have the half of the country that sees their invasion as ‘a good thing’ to completely flip & agree with the enforcement actions necessary to round them up & transport them out of the country. Then have Congress agree & take the necessary actions along with the 3 or 4 successive Presidents (it would take that long to locate & process over 22 million aliens because that’s the realistic number of how many have been arriving over the last 20+ years) that will allow all that’s needed to occur without veto. But then…..evict them to where? Drop them off just on the other side of our southern & northern borders? Not realistic. Back to their home countries? Impossible to determine because just as they lie about their names, they lie about where they’re from. So, just bus or fly them to other counties arbitrarily? None would allow that. Ask other nations to take this burden off of our hands & accept these immigrants? Not going to happen. Also, which of our agencies would be tasked with locating, taking them into custody & processing 22 million people? Where would they be housed during their processing? No agency nor any combination of agencies can handle such a task, nor is it realistic to expect that a new agency can be formed that can successfully handle that amount of people. What of the minor children ages 0 to 17 that have been born here & are now US citizens? Evict their parent(s) but allow them to stay, as is their right as a US citizen? Who would raise these tens of thousands (more or less, quite possibly more) of suddenly parent less children? These points I’ve listed are only the tip of the iceberg in dealing with the nightmare that our lawmakers & Presidents have allowed our nation to devolve into concerning illegal immigration over the past many decades. It’s been ‘death by a thousand cuts’ & we’re finally in a mess that can realistically never be fully rectified. The only things to be done at this point is to, first & foremost, secure our southern & northern borders to prevent any more from arriving, then locate & deport as many as logistically possible from this point on. But even those 2 issues will not be implemented until there’s another Republican President elected, along with all of Congress getting on board with doing both. I’m not holding my breath on either occurring & neither should anyone else. I was in law enforcement for over 30 years in the southeast & dealt with illegal aliens of any given nationality, every shift, to one degree or another. There are too many here now for us to get rid of them & that’s just the sad reality.

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