March 5, 2023


Air Village, a new Boutique Lodging Concept, Opening in Prescott this Summer

Photo: The interior of one of the units Air Village, the first of its kind in Prescott, will be a unique boutique lodging featuring classic trailers that have been completely renovated with a modern and luxurious style. Located in the heart of Prescott, Arizona, alongside Granite Creek, surrounded by beautiful elm trees and just one


Remembering Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 – Wreaths Across America

Photo By RuthAS – Own work, CC BY 3.0, After 61 years, Wreaths Across America remembers lost heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Sixty-one years ago on March 16, 1962, Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 (FTLF 739) and its crew, departed on a secret mission sanctioned by President Kennedy, to fly to


Prose Open Mic at the Elks Performing Arts Center, March 8th

Join us for Prose Open Mic at the Elks in person on March 8th. Masks are optional. Doors open at 6:45 pm. Sessions are held in a beautifully restored room (the Sundance Room) on the third floor of the Elks Performing Arts Center. Refreshments are provided. A $5 donation is suggested to cover expenses. The

Buz Blog

How To Deport Millions of Illegal Aliens – Buz Blog

“Part of the problem is there are people in Washington, D.C. in positions of power to whom the border is just a nuisance, and I think some of them believe that illegal immigration is a moral good. It is not. It undermines legal immigration.” – Senator John Kennedy If we Americans ever seriously correct our impaired and questionable


HOLY COW! HISTORY: The Gift That Killed General Grant – Inside Sources

Watch out for unintended consequences. They’ll get you every time. It happened 160 years ago when a simple act of courtesy set in motion a chain of events that wound up taking a famous American’s life. Really. When you hear “Ulysses S. Grant,” what comes to mind? The more scholarly-minded probably think, “Victor at Appomattox”

Book Reviews

Slavery and Its Discontents – Jared Taylor

C. Furnas, The Road to Harpers Ferry, William Sloan Associates, 1959, 477 pp. (hard bound, out of print, but available used). It has become such a fashion to deplore American slavery that liberals call it America’s “original sin.” We must despise any man who had anything to do with it, no matter how heroic or accomplished. Surely,

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