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“The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it.” – H. L. Mencken

In almost every facet of our current society, we are being cajoled, indoctrinated and pushed into a left leaning woke culture. The corporate news media does this by emphasizing, exaggerating or inventing “news” that promotes their ideology and ignoring news items that don’t.

In the educational establishment, they push the 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory, what they call “equity”, and White privilege, among other divisive concepts. They rail against “hate speech” in an attempt to stop debate and suppress freedom of expression.

The military establishment, in addition to promoting all of the above, has enforced mandatory COVID vaccinations, losing many of our most experienced and qualified military personnel. This has resulted in a diminished number of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines not reenlisting. Recruiting has fallen to a new low.

The entertainment industry has been creating their version of progressive entertainment for decades and it is decidedly counter to our Western and family values. For decades, fathers have been shown as having low intelligence, indecisiveness, prejudicial attititudes, sexism or all of the above. This is in sync with the woke lie that all of our present day problems were caused by White males. In a great many movies and television shows, families are portrayed as dysfunctional.

In much of our entertainment media, the people who are shown as the most enlightened, intelligent and articulate are gay, transvestite, transsexual or anything other than loving parents, siblings or relatives. These groups are also populated in movies and television shows way out of proportion to their percentage in the general population. The theme of a lot of entertainment, in whatever venue, preaches the woke philosophy. One might come to the conclusion that this is a contributing factor in the decline in the number of cinema goers.

In the financial sector, many investment firms have adopted the woke school of thought in the companies they invest in. For instance, BlackRock, Inc. is an investment firm in which its main concern seems to be putting its investors money into companies with woke agendas and/or coercing companies to endorse the woke programs. In a fiduciary relationship, the company investing a client’s money, should be concerned with a return on the investment, not the politics of the companies receiving the money. BlackRock and other similarly disposed companies are doing a grave disservice to their investors.

The best that can be said about institutions that are attempting to turn our culture woke, is that they might have good intentions, because, they believe such a culture would be better for our population. That conclusion is a long stretch. A much more likely determination is that this is a sinister, intentional attack on our culture in order to divide us into antagonistic groups, separated by race, gender, sexual preference, income and social status. Once they have separated us into those divisions, it will be much easier for them to control and rule us.


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  1. Buz laid today’s media – news out very well. Actually, I wonder how many people are actually altering their view of white male friends. President Biden ignoring Americans living in New Palestine, Ohio with the toxic air-soil and water brought about by neglect from multiple federal agencies.
    Add in the high costs of fuel, food and housing and see the collapse of working class families. The so called kitchen table issues and the peoples inability to make necessary adjustments are leading this dark parade led by the Biden administration.

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