Local Doctor Explains About Fentanyl and Alternatives to Pain Medicine – MATFORCE

MATFORCE has partnered with The Landings of Prescott Valley, an assisted living and secured care facility for seniors, to offer education on fentanyl and pain medicine alternatives for anesthesia and surgery.

Dr. Paul Braithwaite, an anesthesiologist with Dignity Health, Yavapai County Regional Medical Center, Prescott Anesthesia, will discuss how doctors safely use fentanyl, the dangers of fentanyl when used improperly, and what the medical world is doing to use alternatives to pain medicines for pain control.  Dr. Braithwaite will also explain the differences between prescription fentanyl and illegal counterfeit fentanyl.

Join Dr. Braithwaite on Tuesday, March 7th at 2:00 pm, at The Landings of Prescott Valley, located at 3500 N. Windsong Drive, Prescott Valley. This presentation is open to the public and does not require registration.

For more information contact info@matforceaz.org or (928) 708-0100 or visit matforce.org.

MATFORCE is a community organization that educates and raises awareness about substance abuse issues, and advocates for policy change throughout Yavapai County. With over 300 active volunteers, MATFORCE encompasses the belief that stopping drug use before it starts through primary prevention strategies is an essential part of building healthier communities. Programs of MATFORCE include drug prevention education in the schools, the Yavapai Reentry Project, Trauma Lens Care, public awareness and education campaigns, and advocating for policy change at the state and local level. For more information about MATFORCE visit matforce.org


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