Heroic Measures of YCSO Deputies Save a Life in Trouble

Friday evening, Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a welfare check on a possible suicidal subject on Sandrock Road in Sedona. When deputies arrived, they checked the house and heard a vehicle running inside the garage. The two deputies located a door on the side of the garage with a pet door attached and were able to knock out the plastic cover that covers its opening. 

One deputy looked through the opening and identified the vehicle in the garage as the subject’s vehicle.  He was then able to unlock the garage door through the pet door. Once inside they were able to see the subject in the car with plastic tube running from the car exhaust into the cab of the vehicle.   Deputies opened the garage door for ventilation and then tried to break the driver’s side window with a rock but were unsuccessful.

The deputies both pulled on the window until it shattered and were able to unlock the door to extricate the subject.  One deputy then dragged the subject out into the driveway as the other called for medical help.

The subject was initially unconscious, but regained coconsciousness prior to medical’s arrival. The subject was transported to the Verde Valley Medical Center for treatment.

Out of respect, no identifying information about the subject will not be disseminated.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental illness – there is help. Please call our Crisis line at 988.


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  1. He probably won’t appreciate it right away, but hopefully after he gets some mental health care, he’ll be ready to look forward again. Thanks and kudos to our first responders!

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