Joint News Release- City of Prescott and Town of Prescott Valley

The City of Prescott and the Town of Prescott Valley met in mid-February to begin crafting a unified approach to water management and conservation to protect future water supplies in the Prescott Active Management Area (PrAMA). 

Both parties recognize that overdraft of the aquifer is occurring, and additional water supplies are needed. Accessing those supplies will facilitate balancing the aquifer with proven smart-managed growth policies.  

Growth will continue in the region, the group agreed, and must be managed with a broader approach to an overall conservation plan, watershed management, and open space preservation. Both parties are committed to protecting the Upper Verde River watershed for the benefit and enjoyment of all.   

Consensus of the group was that new growth should include balanced systems that return more water to the aquifer. Accessing the Big Chino Water Ranch, is a partnership between Prescott and Prescott Valley, and is governed by an agreement between the two municipalities. The Big Chino is a significant  asset that must be managed going forward.  

Both Prescott and Prescott Valley governments and staff will continue to meet regularly to discuss and refine policies and plans for management in the PrAMA.  


4 thoughts on “Joint News Release- City of Prescott and Town of Prescott Valley”

  1. It is vital that conservation is done to preserve this asset. What has happened to Phoenix with unbridled grow we also cannot live without water. The over draught of the aquifer is going to destroy this town and as with Phoenix a ghost town. It is about time we are taking this seriously.

  2. As a PV councilman, I voted against this initial agreement in 2005. I did so because PV’s share (4,000 ac/ft/yr) would totally be dedicated to “new” construction; none for replenishing the aquifer.
    Today, it seems only Prescott carefully allocates water by new project while the PV council and mayor just plow ahead with growth
    Any and all costs of completing the Big Chino Pipeline “must” be allocated only to new development leaving current residences and businesses harmless. Growth must pay for growth; it’s only fair.

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