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Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.” – John Harringtion

It must be a cultural or journalistic no-no to suggest that the sitting president may be guilty of corruption or treason – unless that president is Donald Trump. If there was ever a case that a US President was a crook, President Joe Biden is the prime example. In his political career, Biden started early and has continued to lie throughout his career. He has lied about his ranking in his law school class, his scholarships to law school, his supposed arrest in South Africa while trying to see Nelson Mandela in jail. His lack of character in lying during his years in the Senate, as Vice President and President is bracketed by the times Biden was caught plagiarizing Neil Kinnock and Bobby Kennedy.

Since becoming President, Joe has continued to lie about the bad economy he inherited from Trump, how he has lowered inflation and gas prices and how every problem his policies have created were either Trump’s fault, the result of the Corona virus, or the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. His most egregious lies are those regarding his son, Hunter. In the 2020 campaign, Biden stated that the Hunter laptop story was “Russian disinformation” even though he had to know it was real. He said he never spoke to Hunter about his foreign business dealings, even though Hunter accompanied Vice President Joe Biden to China, where Hunter made contacts that resulted in business deals.

One of Hunter Biden’s business partners on a business deal with the Chinese, Tony Bobulinski, received a text message. “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face, I know u know that but they are paranoid,” wrote James Gilliar, another partner in this deal, on May 20, 2017. This, in conjunction with Hunter’s many email references to “the big guy”, and the big guy getting “10%”, certainly imply that Hunter was using his father’s Vice President position to make deals with a rival country. This and other deals never would have even been offered if Hunter’s last name hadn’t been Biden. It also strongly implies that the Vice President knew about this and other deals with the Chinese communists and was profiting himself. The indication is also that the Biden family was trying to cover up Joe Biden’s involvement.

It is hardly surprising that a serial liar and plagiarist would also be corrupt, but would that corruption lead to treason? Follow this reasoning. A dishonest politician is vulnerable to blackmail. Those who would be most likely to commit the extortion against that politician are the ones who have inside knowledge of the corruption. In this case, it would be other business partners or the Chinese. Since Tony Bobulinski has already come forward, publicly, with information, emails and texts, he is not a probable blackmailer. Other business partners are family and friends who have profited from this and other Biden deals, so they should be ruled out. That leaves the Chinese.

The Chinese Communist Party, that runs everything in that country, including businesses, is obviously in possession of information about Hunter’s enormous profits from his business dealings with Chinese companies. It hardly stretches one’s imagination to think that the Chinese would also have inside information about Vice President Joe Biden’s involvement. If they have such evidence, it would seem likely that they could now blackmail President Joe Biden. This would make him a modern day “Manchurian Candidate” or more precisely a Manchurian President.

On February 28, a Chinese spy balloon entered our sovereign US air space. It traveled over 4000 miles over Canada and America, It was remotely controlled and lingered over many strategic military, agricultural, and manufacturing sites. The President finally ordered it shot down in the Atlantic Ocean after it had completed its mission across our country. Any other US president likely would have ordered it shot down the very first time our military became aware of it. Why didn’t President Biden? Did the Chinese demand that he allow the balloon to complete its surveillance? Was this demand backed up with the threat of exposing Joe’s VP corruption if he didn’t submit to the Chinese requirement?

Hopefully, some of the committees in Congress will do a thorough investigation of this and other Biden degeneracy. If the evidence shows that Biden is serving the Chinese Communist Party rather than the people of the United States he should be impeached and Joe and Hunter both prosecuted. It is doubtful that there are enough Democrats in the Senate who would take their oath and respect for the Constitution seriously enough to vote for impeachment. That would mean they would have to vote for the good of the country and the people over what is good for the Democrat party.  


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  1. Well said Buz except for the date the large airship was discovered; it was January 28 reportedly.
    Going deeper into the failures of the Biden regime and I see Obama’s inner circle controlling the White House. JRB is incapable of making decisions and his controllers have filled key national security and military leadership with total loyalty to supporting Obama’s third term. Let all anger be addressed to Biden and loyal Democrats in congress while the destruction of constitutional America continues.

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