Yavapai College Lands Grant with VictoryXR to Teach in the Metaverse; Classes Expected to Begin Fall 2023

Yavapai College has its eyes set on the future of education by teaching classes in the metaverse.

‘Metaversity’, as it is being called, is an immersive way for students to learn through virtual and augmented reality.

The College landed a grant with Meta and will partner with VictoryXR, a company specializing in virtual reality education.

The grant provides Yavapai College with 25 Meta Quest 2 headsets to be used by students and instructors. The college will also have ten branded classrooms at VictoryXR’s Virtual Academy (Click here to watch a video on the VictoryXR Virtual Academy). In addition, YC faculty and staff will receive training from VictoryXR.

“Yavapai College is poised to bring the future of education to our students and communities,” said Yavapai College President Dr. Lisa Rhine. “Virtual and augmented reality is going to change almost every industry, including education, and YC plans to be on the cutting edge of that change.”

In the current form, online students can find learning difficult, passive, and unenjoyable via video conferencing.

That is where VictoryXR comes in with immersive classrooms and campuses through virtual reality. The platform allows students to interact in a synchronous yet virtual environment. Educators are given training and 3D objects (over 6,000 and growing) to teach a variety of subjects to students.

“I participated in classes at the VictoryXR Virtual Academy, and it is an incredible way to teach and learn. We must change the mindset that technology will eliminate the need for people to work or learn. It is not, but it will change how people work and learn.” added Dr. Rhine.

While the specific Metaversity classes that YC will offer have yet to be selected, more information will be available in the coming months.

“The movement into metaversity education will transform the way professors teach and finally create an opportunity for college students to learn in both worlds. Kudos to Yavapai College for their visionary effort,” said Steve Grubbs, CEO of VictoryXR.

Students interested in taking classes in the metaverse should visit www.yc.edu/meta and fill out the information form.

To learn more about VictoryXR, and the Victory XR Virtual Academy, visit www.victoryxr.com

Yavapai College operates six campuses and centers throughout Yavapai County and offers over 100 degrees and certificates, a baccalaureate degree, student and community services, and cultural events and activities. 

To learn more about YC, visit www.yc.edu


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  1. My first thought was who is funding all this equipment and other costs? And will this new media eliminate the professor and compare and contrast discussion? Call me old fashion but the teaching of a good professor, taking notes and the Q and A sessions I deemed to allow absorbing materials and reasoning out the value therein.
    I doubt automation and 3D imaging can add to the learning experience.

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