6 Things You Should Know Before Owning A Firearm

Acquiring a gun allows you to participate in recreational activities such as competitions, hunting, and other activities at the range. You may also need it for your protection. However, this is a huge responsibility. You must know all the necessary details, such as your state’s gun law and the type of firearms available.

The number of illegal firearms in the market today set a dangerous precedent for owning a gun. As a licensed gun owner, you must ensure you aren’t a threat to the public as you carry it around. Therefore, before holding a gun, get a lawyer if you need help defining a firearm legally to avoid breaking the law. 

Here are some of the following things you need to know before owning a gun:

      1.Local Laws On Gun Ownership

Before owning a gun, you should know the local laws governing firearms. There are different laws for different gun types; you should know which ones apply to yours. Failure to know such laws and regulations could cost you your firearm and license, and you risk expensive fines or a jail term. 

Familiarize yourself with the types of arms you can own and where you’re allowed to carry them. You must also find out the penalties for violating these laws. Knowing the law inside out keeps you safe and prepared before you own the gun.

       2.Your Eligibility 

Not everyone can become a gun owner. Before you get the chance, you must undergo several background checks as federal law requires. Therefore, before getting your gun, learn about all the necessary requirements. Before applying for a permit to carry a firearm, check the following eligibility factors:

  • Age requirements
  • Residential address
  • Be of sound mind
  • You must not be on the prohibited person’s list because of a convicted felony or have been found incompetent to own a firearm.
  • Have a genuine reason to possess a firearm
  • Completion of a relevant firearm safety course

These are just a few of the things authorities check. Ensure you find those specific to your state before applying for a permit to avoid embarrassment.

      3. How To Buy A Gun

Before you purchase a gun, ensure that you get it from a reputable dealer. In Arizona, if you’re age 21 and over, you can purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer. However, you can buy a firearm if you’re 18 years old from a private individual.

Regardless of your age bracket, you must know the gun you want to purchase. It’s critical that you buy your gun in person. This will allow you to get a feel of the gun and how they are in your hands. You also get the chance to ask the dealer your questions, which is vital as a new gun owner.

If you’re getting your gun online, ensure you buy it from a legitimate source. You can get a weapon from various websites, and they’ve undergone background checks to ensure they’re safe. Ask for referrals from a seasoned owner to avoid bad deals. 

      4. Gun Safety And Storage

It’s your responsibility to store your gun safely and securely. Before you go out to get the weapon, decide how to keep it when you’re not using it. Talk to your kids, family, or anyone you live with about gun safety so they know what to do if they come across yours. A simple talk with your family members could save you from a lawsuit and taking a life.

Alternatively, you should enroll for training on how to care for your gun to ensure it doesn’t hurt anyone. Store the firearm in a safe spot and always unload it. Remember, the golden rule of gun safety is to treat every gun as if it’s loaded.

For extra safety, you can keep your gun in the following places:

  • A biometric safe
  • Gun vault or cabinet
  • False walls or concealed furniture.

Whichever site you choose, ensure it’s out of sight, and only you can access it. If you have children, you must guarantee that your gun’s storage space is inaccessible to them.

      5. Types Of Guns

There are different gun types, but you should know the three common types as a beginner. They serve different uses and purposes. These firearms include:

  • Shotguns: This is a good choice for home defense, hunting birds, or small game. 
  • Rifles: Rifles are perfect for long-range shooting sports or hunting.
  • Handguns: Pick these if you’re after concealed carry, self-defense, or target shooting.

Depending on their purpose, form, and other factors, these are the primary gun types you’ll choose from.

  1. Accessories You Need

There are many firearms accessories available. You don’t have to buy all of them because some are costly and unnecessary. Focus on the storage box, holster, and ammunition. Remember, using the wrong shell can cause severe damage to your weapon and even injuries.


You should conduct thorough research before owning your first firearm. As a new firearm owner, you must understand the responsibilities and implications of owning a possibly lethal weapon. Ensure that you tread carefully as you get your first firearm. The list above includes some things you should know to get started.