This Week with Gosar: House Passes Gosar Plan to End Covid National Emergency

I am pleased to write that this week the United States House of Representatives, in bi-partisan fashion, finally debated and passed my legislation requiring the Biden administration finally end the outdated and abusive COVID national emergency declaration.

Nearly three years have passed since President Trump rightfully declared a national emergency concerning the COVID pandemic.  The factual basis for this declaration was apparent then. As time has progressed, and as we have learned about this virus, we know that it is no longer a national emergency.

Since President Trump’s initial declaration, the House of Representatives has not once voted, let alone debated, whether to terminate this national emergency as required under the National Emergencies Act.


The National Emergencies Act requires Congress to review termination of a national emergency no later than six months, and at least every six months thereafter.  Yet, former Speaker Pelosi repeatedly blocked simple debate about the merits of extending or terminating the COVID national emergency declaration, despite the law requiring its review at least four times since being declared.

Until this week, the House of Representatives failed to perform its most basic Constitutional duty: checking the powers of the executive branch.

In clear response to my legislation being voted on, Joe Biden hastily announced this week that he would end the COVID national emergency in May.  My response to Biden: why wait?

Let’s not forget that Mr. Biden once promised the American people that there would be no federal COVID vaccine mandates. Yet, he soon lied and mandated COVID vaccines for millions of Americans. We simply cannot trust that Biden will keep his word.  The evidence is to the contrary.  The list of lies uttered by Biden grows longer each passing day. 


I am grateful to all my colleagues for voting to support my legislation.  The bill now goes to the Senate where it is required to be considered in an expeditious manner.

For more information about this legislation, click here to read my press release.  You can also view of a video my remarks on the House floor by clicking here.


1 thought on “This Week with Gosar: House Passes Gosar Plan to End Covid National Emergency”

  1. While we can take some relief in this action; I have read where the WHO is
    “preparing” for another world pandemic in the next two years. Ask yourself; how can a world health organization be making such a statement? We now know the Covid 19 virus was poorly dealt with across the world as countries issued panicked decelerations as Sweden allowed medical science to deal with this new virus.
    We now know Big Pharma and our government health agency’s were in cahoots to push the dRNA non vaccine that caused major deaths and life long health issues that should have caused the jab to be halted.

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