Free Garden Class Every Saturday – Watters Garden Center

February 4 @ 9:30am – Soil Preparation for Growing Success
Learn best practices for prepping gardens, soil amendments, nutrients, fertilizer, and more, and what is best to use in each soil type.
February 11 @ 9:30am – Mountain Fruit Trees and the Heavy Harvest
Learn the insider’s tips from the pros who know varieties, planting techniques, food, and more.
February 18 @ 9:30am – Gardening for Newcomers
New to Arizona or just new to gardening? This class is Gardening 101 for everyone hoping to turn a brown thumb green.
February 25 @ 9:30am – Evergreens that Bloom Early Evergreens aren’t just pine trees–there are plants that keep their leaves and stay green year-round, and they bloom, too!
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