Prescott Valley Town Council Approves New Signs

Last night Town Council approved the final design for the Monument Signs at the entrance to Prescott Valley on Hwy 69 in both East and West directions into town.  These signs are the start of Prescott Valley creating an identity and will help to establish Prescott Valley’s footprint in the area.
The signs will light up at night and the color can be changed by the push of a button, for example if the town wanted to recognize Domestic Violence month the signs could be colored purple for a certain period of time.  Or Red, White and Blue for 4th of July. I’m sure you get the idea.
Before anyone says that the money could be used for our roads I would like to share that the Town can spend money on road improvements as well as other things in our community at the same time.  As mentioned Glassford Hill is getting a complete overhaul this Spring as well as HWY 69.

1 thought on “Prescott Valley Town Council Approves New Signs”

  1. How about spending that money for the new badly needed YMCA? I’m sure a donation there could speed up the construction!

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