Volunteer Drivers Needed to Transport Local Veterans to Medical Appointments – Northern Arizona VA

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With the Greatest Generation of World War II-era Veterans fading into history and baby boomers working longer into their retirement years, the Northern Arizona VA Health Care System, in partnership with the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Transportation Network is recruiting additional volunteers to help provide transportation for eligible Veterans to and from scheduled medical appointments at facilities across Northern Arizona.

Last year, DAV volunteer drivers provided more than 500 rides for Veterans with scheduled medical appointments to and from VA medical facilities. Each year the demand for Veteran transportation has grown.

“We need people who recognize the service and sacrifices of our heroes and are willing to make a commitment to ensure the promises our country made to our Veterans are kept,” said Bruce Nogar, DAV Transportation Network Hospital Service Coordinator. “Our program provides a very important service to eligible Veterans at no cost to them, but we can’t keep up with the demand if we don’t have people who are willing and able to support it.”

To become a DAV Transportation Network volunteer, drivers must have a valid, state-issued license, show proof of personal auto insurance, pass a basic physical through the VA, and commit to one year of volunteering for the program. VA will provide the driver physical, all required training as well as the vehicles used for transportation. Also, all volunteer drivers that work a minimum of four hours are eligible for a free meal at the Prescott VA’s main campus.

Those interested in becoming a volunteer driver do not have to be a Veteran or a DAV member. We are looking for committed individuals who want to serve Veterans and show their appreciation for all that they’ve done in the service of our Nation.

For more information on becoming a volunteer driver, please contact the Northern Arizona VA Voluntary Service Office at (928) 776-6013.


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  1. Up until a little over a year ago, I drove for Sterling volunteers for veterans appointments in the prescott area. it was suddenly discontinued and I couldn’t get in touch with Rocky anymore. I used my own vehicle and my own gas, I don’t need reimbursement. Is there another program in the prescott area for drivers?

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