Two Major Prescott Valley Road Projects to Begin Construction this Spring

Two major Town of Prescott Valley road projects will begin this spring after construction costs caused some budget changes.

The Glassford Hill Road resurfacing project, which will improve the road surface from Highway 69 to Panther Path, and the Viewpoint Drive improvement project, which will improve Viewpoint between Long Look and Manley, will begin this Spring, and are scheduled for completion by Fall 2023.

Post Covid, costs skyrocketed for all projects. The initial budget for the Glassford Hill project was $6.5 million, and estimated current cost is over $7.8 million.

Viewpoint was budgeted at $3 million, and current costs are estimated at $3.3 million. The Town is moving ahead with construction this spring, which will allow it to use the current budgeted amount and budget the additional in FY 2023/2024 to ensure there is enough money to finish.

Additionally, the Town is working to complete the major portion of the construction while school is out this summer to reduce impact on school traffic

“We are still in the planning/development phase and our goal is to go out to bid in February or March. We’re looking at April to start construction,” said Deputy Public Works Director Ron Pine.

The Town will continue to patch Glassford Hill Road as needed until construction can take place.

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