The Prescott Chamber Players Society’s first concert of 2023

The Prescott Chamber Players Society was founded in 1997 to promote the growth and appreciation of chamber music in the Prescott area. They are a non-profit, and give free public concerts twice a year at the Trinity Presbyterian Church, at 630 Park Avenue.

Their January concert is this Sunday, January 22, at 2 pm at the church. The program runs about an hour and has a very interesting collection of both famous composers. (Vivaldi, Mozart) and not as well-known ones.

Many of the pieces to be performed are from the 19th century, including one called Old Hag in the Kiln / Banish Misfortune. Some of the instruments used are the woodwinds (clarinet, bassoon, flute), violin, viola, cello, and piano.

Chamber music (according to the Encyclopedia Britannica) was written for small groups of instruments, usually in a home or small area. It was known as intimate music.

Yu can find out more about the Society on their website HERE.


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