Governor Ducey Orders Flags At Half-Staff In Honor Of Former Congressman Jim Kolbe

Governor Doug Ducey today ordered flags at all state buildings be lowered to half-staff until sunset Sunday, December 4 in honor of former Congressman and State Senator Jim Kolbe, who died Saturday at the age of 80.

The Governor issued the following statement:

“Arizona lost a true elder statesman and political powerhouse today. Congressman Jim Kolbe never wavered in his responsibility to our state and nation. We are deeply saddened by his passing.

“Congressman Kolbe led a life of remarkable public service. A Navy veteran, 11-term congressman, state legislator — even a congressional page for Sen. Goldwater — his commitment and dedication were boundless.

“He was a highly-regarded expert on trade, a champion of the free market and a passionate advocate for the line-item veto. From his community in Tucson, to those in need around the world, Congressman Kolbe had a profound and lasting impact.

“He once said he was ‘born for the job.’ He certainly was and Arizona is better for it. Our thoughts are with his husband Hector, family, friends and colleagues. Rest in peace, Congressman.”

Congressman Kolbe was a well-respected, 11-term congressman from Tucson. During his tenure, he served as chair of the Subcommittee on Foreign Operations, Export Financing and Related Programs of the House Appropriations Committee. He served in the state legislature for three terms. He served as a U.S. Senate Page for Barry Goldwater. He was a Navy veteran who served in Vietnam.

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