Prescott Valley adding new Monument Signs and an Arch – Mayor Kell Palguta

The Town of Prescott Valley is working on a plan to have two large Monument signs at both entrances to Prescott Valley on Hwy 69 to help clearly show visitors which Town they are entering.

These signs will be around 18 feet tall and be back lit at night. I’m sure we all can agree replacing the old wooden signs that are dilapidated and outdated is a good plan to help create the identity Prescott Valley is looking for as the largest Town/City in Yavapai County.

The Town will also be installing a large arch way across Glassford Hill Rd and Hwy 69 to mark a clear entrance into the Town Center. This sign will also be back lit at night.

This is just one of many steps forward that Prescott Valley is taking to help create an amazing community that our residents can be proud of.


3 thoughts on “Prescott Valley adding new Monument Signs and an Arch – Mayor Kell Palguta”

  1. While I would agree the signs are needed, I would have to disagree with you that the folks in Prescott Valley are looking to be the largest city in Yavapai county . I think it’s quite the opposite. Maybe you should talk to your local residents more. Knowing that you are a licensed realtor , that may be your ambition but I don’t think it’s the people that live here ambition.

  2. Take the sign and cram it. You have destroyed a beautiful little town in your narcissistic quest to turn a sweet country town into Phoenix North. We know what you are up to.

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