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People all over the country are realizing that they have been ignoring one of the most important local election contests for years. The local school boards or school governing boards usually do not have high voter turnout. Many voters don’t have kids or grandchildren in the schools so they disregard that portion of the ballot. Some voters don’t understand how much of their taxes go to the public schools. With Critical Race Theory and Social Emotional Learning indoctrinating our children, more and more voters have become aware and engaged in these local election contests.

Sometimes, in our frustration with the current woke, progressive, social movement, we forget how many truly good, patriotic Americans will still come through in a pinch. The Biden Administration weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI by having heavily armed SWAT teams serve arrest and search warrants on nonviolent citizens. These hapless citizens’ main crimes were being political opponents of the current Biden Administration policies. We are finally seeing that more than a dozen whistleblowers are coming forth from the FBI agent ranks. More are expected.

The same thing is happening locally with parents and teachers sending information to Prescott Unified School District Governing Board candidate Brooks Compton. In addition to the information parents are giving Brooks about some of the things their children are being taught, they have sent Mr. Compton pictures of questionable posters in the halls of Prescott High School.

Two of the most interesting items Candidate Compton received were a letter to the current PUSD Governing Board and a memo to PUSD faculty and staff from Superintendent Joe Howard, announcing his intended resignation to be effective on October 31, 2023 (see documents below).

What is so intriguing about these two documents is that Joe Howard openly states in both the memo and the letter that he is letting the Board, faculty and staff know about this because he thinks, as stated in the memo: “the timing was important during this election season, when we do not know who our board will be come this next January. It is important for the current board to have an opportunity to set a plan forth, using their combined many years of experience within PUSD, to set a new leadership direction.”

The current School Governing Board will, no doubt, be very different than the one that will be seated in January. If School Superintendent Joe Howard isn’t retiring until a year from now, why should the current School Governing Board have anything to do with setting “a new leadership direction”? Could the current Board, which is essentially a lame duck board, contractually hire a multi-year replacement for Joe Howard that the new School Governing Board would have to accept? Could the new board negate that contract and hire their own choice for Superintendent, without costing the PUSD hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees?

Whatever the answers are to those questions, it is irresponsible, illogical and smacks of political chicanery, if any decision to be made on a new PUSD Superintendent before the new School Governing Board is seated next January.


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  1. Unfortunately this is cronies at work, For Superintendent Howard to push his potential successor before the new board is elected is outright wrong and stinks and Mr. Howard should be disciplined for his comment to hire the superintendent a year early without no time to vet all potential candidates. I read Clark Tenny’s name mentioned as a successor so already the fix is in. PUSD probably needs new direction in the upcoming election, more importantly it needs to be transparent about what is being taught in our schools. With increasing absentee numbers and declining test scores what is being done to improve the education system? There needs to be accountability if scores don’t improve not more of the status quo.

    Greg N

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