Opinion: The Misdirection of Senator Mark Kelly – Buz Williams

mis·di·rec·tion – the action or process of directing someone to the wrong place or in the wrong direction

It seems like all of the Democrats running this year are using the same playbook. Many of them won’t debate or will only have one debate. That is understandable when their party took a perfectly good economy and put it in a recession.

How do you debate the economy when your party’s policies have more than quadrupled inflation? What do you say about foreign policy when your party’s leader left $80 billion dollars or more in military weapons and equipment to the terrorist Taliban regime in Afghanistan? Your party’s leaders say that there is no open border, no border crisis and the White House spokesperson says that “people can’t just walk across the border.” It’s like they’re telling the voters, “who do you believe? Me or your lying eyes?” If the constituents haven’t seen the hordes of immigrants crossing the border on cable news, they’ve probably seen it on the internet.

It’s a lot easier for Democrats in the primary election. Their low information voters buy every lie and obfuscation. Snookering independent and Republican voters is much more difficult. This is where “misdirection” comes into play. Just like a reverse play in football attempts to make the defense believe that a halfback will run to the right, the halfback hands off to the end who runs around the left. That is exactly what the Democrat Congressional and Senate candidates are doing now. While they’ve voted for most or all of the green, anti-police, inflation raising legislation, now they want to look like they are all for energy independence, pro-police, border enforcers and fiscal conservatives.

Senator Mark Kelly is a case in point. Now, his ads talk about growing up in a police family, with both parents being police officers. In 2020, candidate Kelly put out on Twitter that there is “systemic racial justice issues in our country that threaten black lives.” Way to back the blue, Mark.

His spokesman that year, Jacob Peters stated, “Mark believes we need to reform policing, not defund police departments. He knows the inequalities in our justice system and throughout our society require action, transparency, and independent oversight to end misconduct and discrimination.” What a weak, fence straddling statement that Kelly didn’t even have the gumption to deliver himself. Now he surrounds himself with uniform cops in ads.

Senator Kelly voted for the massive tax and spending bill ironically called the Inflation Reduction Act. This is the bill that funds 87,000 new IRS agents. How does funding the salaries and retirement of that many new federal employees, reduce inflation?

Kelly has stated that after all these years in Afghanistan, we didn’t have a plan to get out, The Trump Administration did, but like everything Trump accomplished, Biden had to do the opposite. Senator Kelly has stated that he helped, and would continue to help, get Americans and those Afghans who were our allies, out of that terrorist country. Okay, what has he done? Does anyone know?

Three times in 2021, Mark Kelly voted against amendments that would have funded building the wall that essentially has already been paid for. This year, he admits that the Yuma sector needs the wall and he is all for it. He’s up for reelection and suddenly Mark Kelly is for the wall. What do you know?

Senator Kelly’s biggest misdirection of all is his position on gun control. He never mentions it. He and his wife, Gabby Giffords, started their own gun control political action committee, Americans for Responsible Solutions. Yet Mark Kelly doesn’t say anything about gun control. None of his ads talk about it. His ads talk about how he bucks his own party to help Arizonans, but he votes with the Democrats 94 to 96 percent of the time.

In 2020, Mark Kelly beat Senator Martha McSally. She ran a bland and boring campaign. In a state that is one of the strongest 2nd Amendment states, McSally never mentioned Mark Kelly’s anti-gun stances. Let’s hope that Blake Masters doesn’t fall into that same campaign quicksand.


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  1. Our local FM radio station COS (?) is running a Senator Kelly ad about every 15 minutes that says Mark is fighting his own party to open up domestic petroleum resources and fighting for us to reduce inflation. Yea; right. Hopefully the millions being spent on Kelly’s behalf are being wasted on the People of Yavapai County and beyond. Some may be leery of Blake Masters but his resume is strong as a self made man with a strong background in what makes America and Arizona tick. Can we hope to see a debate or two between Kelly and Masters before November? Not if Mark Kelly has anything to do with it.

  2. Mark “Fake Senator” Kelly rates right up there with Elizabeth “Fake Indian” Warren and Cory “Fake Gladiator” Booker.

    FACT: Mark Kelly has done nothing to stop the flow of Fentanyl across the Arizona-Mexico border and the resulting poisoning of Americans.

    FACT: Mark Kelly has voted YES on every gigantic, insane Democrat spending package and thus is part of the root cause of the inflation that is rendering our life savings more worthless by the day.

    FACT: The Arizona Police Association, the National Border Patrol Council and other law enforcement organizations have endorsed Blake Masters. They know that Mark Kelly is all BIG TALK about law enforcement.

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