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  • In June of this year, I was attending a Republican gathering at which a couple of the people who were running for the Prescott Unified School Governing Board spoke. I was impressed by one of those candidates, Brooks Compton. Brooks is a single parent and father, who decided to run for the Board when he found out that at least one of our schools is teaching Critical Race Theory, (CRT). or at the very least something so similar as to be indistinguishable from CRT. It was being taught at Mile High Middle School, in a 7th grade class, innocuously titled “Life Skills”. Mr. Compton said he had proof.

I was surprised that CRT would be taught in a local middle school and so I contacted Brooks Compton. I had heard reports that both county and local School Superintendents had stated that Critical Race Theory was NOT being taught in our schools. Since my original meeting with Brooks, we have discussed the evolving responses to his revelations.

At his latest appearance at the Republican Women of Prescott, (RWOP), Mr. Compton summed it up in this way: the PUSD Administration had a choice to admit what had been taught in the schools and face the consequences or to deny the obvious. They chose to circle the wagons and deny. It seems that the senior school officials, who have heard Mr. Compton speak, have decided to react by stating that there is no CRT in the approved curriculum. Brooks has stated that this defense is merely a play on words. In reality, it is in the supplemental material, crafted by the teachers unions and woke, left leaning teachers. Brooks has stated that “the PUSD administrators had an opportunity to work and resolve issues with me as a parent. Because of their efforts to obscure reality, now they are forced to deal with me as a candidate.”

Brooks Compton has caught the attention of parents, taxpayers, community leaders and other Republican candidates for statewide offices, including 2nd Congressional District candidate Eli Crane and former Attorney General and Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne.

At the recent RWOP candidate forum, while listening to Brooks Compton speak, Congressional District candidate, Eli Crane went and read Compton’s evidence of CRT, SEL and the direction the School District is moving. He then went to the podium and stated, “I actually went and looked at Mr. Compton’s article out there on his table. I highly suggest you guys go look at it too. I thought if there was one place in the country they wouldn’t be teaching that crap to our kids, it would be here in Prescott.”

Brooks’ whole business career has been about establishing relationships and problem solving. In this vein, he has traveled to Phoenix, contacted and established a working relationship with Tom Horne. They have discussed the relevant issues facing Arizona schools. Mr. Horne and Mr. Compton are united in their vision. They both want to remove Critical Race Theory from our schools. They want to eliminate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and get our educational system and schools back on track by returning to the basics. Just accomplishing this should raise our students’ test scores because the teachers will have so much more time to teach the basics. Because of their relationship and shared vision, Brooks Compton is very proud to announce that Tom Horne has officially endorsed him for the Prescott Unified School District Governing Board.

Brooks has explained that his motivation and his philosophy for running for the Prescott Unified School District Governing Board is to give our children back their childhood. That childhood has been stolen by COVID lock downs, mandatory masks, vaccinations, CRT, SEL, transgenderism, and daily pronoun lessons, just to name a few.

At our first meeting, Brooks stated the following to me that pretty much says it all: “Let me tell you a story. When my son and I traveled to Mexico and went out to eat, everyone we dealt with, from being seated, to taking our order, was Hispanic. Many years ago, when we vacationed in Prescott and went out to eat, most everyone we encountered, from the person cooking our food to the person who cleared the table, was White. When we traveled to New Orleans and went to the French Quarter, most of the people we experienced were Black. In all of those travels, the only thing my son knew was that he didn’t want to be a busboy. My son didn’t know racism until the Prescott Unified School District taught him racism.”


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  1. CRT is a money scam

    The only thing the purveyors of CRT want is to STEAL US TAXPAYER MONEY.

    CRT text books at price-gouging rates and a new edition every year to kill the used book market.
    CRT disposable workbooks with vicious lawsuits for anyone that photocopies them.
    Big money speakers fees for the purveyors to send one of their own to spew their filth in person.

    If you support CRT, you support the theft of taxpayer money that should be going to good teachers that teach useful life skills to students.

    WARNING: if the CRT industry is successful in their larceny, then there will be another scam to follow, the money theft will never end.

  2. As a substitute teacher a few years ago, I came across a student test on the constitution. It was totally geared to portray a false impression of the constitution if answered as prepared by the teacher. I did nothing about it. This occurred at mile high middle school.
    In the 1950’s as I went through elementary schools in Michigan and Ohio, there was a two way sound system in each classroom. We received announcements and the teacher could respond back. Today, this could be audio-visual allowing observation by parents W/O being in the room. Today, school staff acts as a gate keeper on materials and access to classrooms. This is wrong and must be corrected.

      1. Teachers across the nation have proven to be an untrustworthy bunch – with an arrogant, defiant belief that they are somehow above the authority of actual parents. This is the very reason there is ongoing, national outrage about CRT, apologist US history and sexual grooming topics that are being presented in our classrooms.

        If our teachers have NOTHING TO HIDE, then why the opposition Mr. Hotchkiss? To the contrary, they should be proud to allow parents a remote view into their classrooms to see just exactly how excellent their job performance is.

        Our police are public servants just like teachers are. I don’t think that you ever protested the requirement for them to wear body cameras all day. I guess in your mind, police are somehow OK with being “spied upon” in their public service.

  3. There is no excuse for not having transparency in the public school classrooms. Even worse is having faculty and staff covering up what is actually going on in the public schools. This should never be tolerated.

    There is a big difference between transparency and spying. Stop the Alinsky-inspired nonsense, will ya?

    FACT: the taxpayer pays for public education.

    FACT: PEOPLE THAT HIDE THINGS AND RESIST TRANSPARENCY ALWAYS HAVE ULTERIOR MOTIVES, like brainwashing children or theft of resources. If the people running the public education system were honest, they would welcome transparency and they would work 24/7 to be sure they deliver service that delights the taxpayer/customer/parent. That’s right all you public education administrators, YOU SERVE THE PARENTS & TEACHERS & STUDENTS & TAXPAYERS!! And make no mistake, your customers are angry beyond words.

    FACT: Radical Leftists don’t like transparency because it makes it much harder to lie, cheat, steal elections and steal money.

    FACT: if the taxpayer doesn’t want something in the schools, that’s the end of the discussion. We pay, so you jump when we say jump. Those that resist the taxpayer and try to force filth like CRT into the school system should be fired immediately.

    FACT: the majority of taxpayers do NOT want CRT and other brainwashing filth in our schools. They want children to be taught useful life skills and THAT’S IT. Reading, writing, math, logical thinking, wood shop, metal shop, physical education, honest history, how to think (not what to think) and real computer skills (not playing mindless, violent games on computers). NO MORE, NO LESS.

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