Prescott Talks: Interview with Brooks Compton – Solutions

Brooks Compton is running for the Prescott Unified School District Governing Board, in Prescott, Arizona. In this second interview, Buz Williams and Brooks discuss solutions for the problems that Brooks mentioned in the first interview, such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in the schools, and the lack of communication with parents.


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  1. Irv Kettering

    This is a good interview with Brooks and I agree with most of what he says. Like he has pointed out, the candidates running for school board seats are all too often current or former teachers or administrators (the education mafia). Giving these people seats on the school board is all too often like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. I am leery of their true agenda.

    As far as Brooks’ opinion on teaching LGBT issues, I have to disagree with him. The overwhelming majority of people are heterosexuals but homosexual, bisexual, transgender, asexual (if you don’t know what this one is look it up), and intersex individuals all exist and are part of the community and may also be brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. Not talking about these people doesn’t mean that they will go away.

    This subject may be introduced at the high school level since (most) high school students should have the maturity to understand this subject along with sex ed (pregnancy, STDs, reproductive biology, etc.) Sweeping these topics under the rug serves no purpose.
    On the other hand, glorifying LGBT with pride flags and celebrating the homosexual lifestyle (or heterosexual lifestyle for that matter) also serves no purpose. These subjects should be taught in a factual or matter-of-fact manner. The problem seems to come from some “educators” going overboard with the LGBT agenda.

    I also disagree with Brooks when he stated that being LGBT is a choice. I don’t think so. I am heterosexual and it was not a choice for me to be so. I was not recruited by the heterosexual community or swayed by heterosexual propaganda. Like most people my brain is wired to be heterosexual. This makes sense since the ultimate purpose of sexuality is to propagate the species (make babies) and only the heterosexual model works for this. However, sometimes nature takes a wrong turn and we have the LGBT people.

    Like I mentioned previously, I agree with most of what Brooks said. His view of what the role of the school board should be is a breath of fresh air. Brooks himself is articulate and did a very good job of presenting his positions in his interview with Buz.

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