August 21, 2022


Police Seek Suspects in Retail Theft – Prescott Valley Police Department

On 07/29/2022 at approximately 9:30 AM, two unknown suspects committed Organized Retail Theft while at Alliance Home Improvement Center 3600 N. Glassford Hill Rd., Prescott Valley. The unknown suspects fled the scene prior to police arrival. Suspects were last seen driving a Tan Ford Focus with an unknown plate. The male suspect grabbed a tool


Rare Houseplants Attract New #PlantParents – Watters Garden Center

Prescott, Arizona has experienced a garden renaissance of new gardeners hungry for local content and an ever-diverse choice of plant options. #Plantparents of the rarest houseplants lead this new generation of gardeners. “We find the best introductory plants to gardening are houseplants. First-time home buyers, college students, and apartment dwellers are leading the way,” says

Toxin research

$1.4M effort develops reusable sponges to soak up harmful chemicals from water

Photo: PFAS have been used for decades in products such as firefighting foam, makeup and nonstick pans A team of researchers from the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University is creating a regenerable method for removing stubborn toxins from drinking water – starting with store-bought sponges. University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University researchers

Buz Blog

Opinion: The FBI and DOJ Fishing Expedition – Buz Williams

“That general warrants, whereby any officer…may be commanded to search suspected places without evidence of a fact committed, or to seize any person or persons not named, or whose offense is not particularly described and supported by evidence, are grievous and oppressive and ought not to be granted.” – George Mason, Virginia Declaration of Rights,


HOLY COW! HISTORY: The Secret Behind Truman’s Famous Balcony

Early one evening in February 1946, Harry Truman summoned the White House’s chief usher to the second-floor Oval Study. He pointed out the window through the South Portico to the Washington Monument and Potomac River beyond. “That’s a magnificent sight,” he said. Then he dropped his bombshell. “I’d like to take better advantage of the

Michelle Malkin

Opinion: Beware of Big Bathroom Brother – Michelle Malkin

Nine years ago, I warned readers about “eyelock biometric readers” adopted by Florida schools to track them on buses. Under the guise of fighting guns and vaping, countless schools this year are now installing surveillance sensors in bathrooms that can spy and record students’ alleged “aggression” and red-flag “spoken key words.” Eight years ago, I

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