‘There’s Something In the Air’ for Prescott’s Hearing Community

Monsoon season is upon us in Prescott, which means dust blowing from the desert and heavy rain is in full swing. This weather, coupled with high temperatures and Prescott’s great hiking and golfing communities, is all a recipe for hearing aids to break down or not work well, surprisingly.

While we enjoy the great outdoors in Prescott this season, fine dust from desert winds works its way into our hearing aids, leading to more frequent and earlier maintenance repairs. The dust impacts the quality of hearing aids, as it gets into the microphone and clogs it, thereby muffling sound. This is an easy but necessary fix, as hearing instrument specialists can quickly clean out the aids, brushing and vacuuming the dust out. Especially in Prescott, it’s important to get ahead of aids degrading, not only to hear better all the time, but also to preserve the hearing aids long term.

During this time of year, we typically see more of our Prescott patients for aftercare than any other season because of these weather-related factors. Monsoon rain and heat are no help either, as sweat and dust lead to ears producing more wax, causing buildup to clog hearing aid speakers; rain also leads to additional ear moisture in and of itself. Protecting hearing aids’ electronics comes into play with moisture too, as we all know wet tech equipment is not a good combination. Shockingly, the average ear canal has the same humidity as the Amazon rainforest. This humidity woven in with additional Prescott moisture leads to even more repairs and hearing aid maintenance over time. If not addressed proactively, hearing aids can at least become distorted or outright short-out. Patients often think their hearing aids just don’t work well anymore after several months, when in reality, they’re just effected by our unique climate.

As all of these weather-related factors pile up for Prescott’s hearing health community, it’s important to be knowledgeable about the external sources and not delay repairs and maintenance. Beltone’s Belcare entitles patients to a lifetime of hearing care, with free hearing aid inspections and cleanings. When local residents get their hearing and ears checked next or they are looking into buying hearing aids, it’s important they consider what kind of aftercare is included for the long-term care and maintenance for their hearing issues.

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